Friday, 31 May 2013

Photography Experiments: Second Round 'We're All Mad Here'

Using photograph taken in sixth round of my photography for Alice Theme:
Open chosen image in Photoshop:

Duplicate Layer:

Crop View:
Levels Adjustment Layer:

Select all but scrabble tiles:

Select, Inverse:

Hue and Saturation Adjustment Layer:

Levels Adjustment Layer (top right corner):

Select the tooth: 

Copy and paste:
Free Transform:  

I'm not really happy with this image! Although I could keep editing, I prefer the previous editing I did of this concept. This image has a shallow depth of field and is out of focus. The reflective nature of the paper and natural light has produced a texture, which I'm sure I could continue to edit but I would rather take more photographs or use the previous photograph.

Photography Experiments: Second Round Edits 'What's The Use'

Using photograph taken in fourth round of my photography for Alice Theme:
Open chosen image in Photoshop:
Duplicate Layer:
Select H letter:
Copy, Paste and Move:
Free Transform:

Copy, Paste, Move, Free Transform letter S:

Merge Layers:
Create Adjustment Layer Levels:


Crop View: 
Select Scrabble Tiles:
Create Adjustment Layer Vibrance:
Select scrabble tiles:
Create Adjustment Layer Hue and Saturation:

Using purple which I preferred fror the last round of editing.
Use Paint Brush Tool to fix edges:

Use paint brush tool to fix key chain:


Use paint brush tool to neaten edges:

I decided this image needs something quirky, I thought about including a hole through the book. I found this image in the picture book of the cartoon which I thought I could try to manipulate and introduce into the image.
Open image used for hole in page:
Copy and Paste into fie:
Free Transform:
 Further Editing:
I defintiely think that this image needs something like this on the book to create the quirky quality I would like all my images to have but I don't think that the angle of this image is necessarily working well in this photograph! Th editing and sharpness of the hole suits the image as a whole,  but I don't think I like having Alice the cartoon character version in the image and falling down the Rabbit hole. I think I will experiemnt further with ideas of what to use instead of this image.